JT with Dry Branch Fire Squad

JT Shealy’s Bluegrass Concerts in Titusville, Florida recently presented, for the third time in as many years, the Dry Branch Fire Squad.  Well known as one of Bluegrass’s Most Recognized and Engaging Touring Bands, they treated Brevard County Bluegrass Fans to an evening’s musical entertainment that just got better and better.  Central Florida Bluegrass fans who missed them will want to keep a sharp eye on the JT’s Bluegrass Website for the return of this truly great bluegrass band.  

According to Central Florida’s Premier Bluegrass Promoter, JT Shealy,

“Man you never know what to expect when you get Ron Thomason behind a microphone!  He can spin some yarn, but over dinner he confided in me, most of the stories he relates are real life.  Even the story about the time his grandmother, who parked her new electric stove on the front porch because nobody would know she had one if it was hidden inside her house.  All true!  He truly is a great ambassador for American folklore and old time acoustic and primitive music.  He has become so popular with our crowd that the 150 seats sold out 4 days before the concert, his third visit to T-ville.”

Don’t miss them next year.