Bluegrass music is a clean, diverse, and heartfelt music that will appeal to all music fans. Each song is an appealing musical tapestry as the seasoned band members artfully intertwine their instrumental genius with the lyrics to create an aural masterpiece. No where is this better demonstrated than on “I’m Gonna Be,” album where Emory Lester (mandolin), Dave Giegerich (Dobro), and Mark Delaney (banjo) interject back-to-back-to-back breaks that are nothing short of awesome. Kip Martin provides a rock-solid bass foundation for the band throughout. Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa are an inspired, innovative group of traditionalists, who never venture too far from their roots, while elevating the music we love to a new plateau.

Date - 11/08/2019
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Stage 12
Available Seats: 125

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